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Fire and sound attenuating doors

Daloc produces a large range of fire and sound rated doors made from steel or wood. Daloc's products are tested and certified in accordance with current Swedish standards. Daloc is at the forefront of companies seeking to widen the introduction of EN standards.

  Fire and sound attenuating doors




Security Doors

Designed to resist serious attempts at burglary. Daloc security doors are certified to European Standard EN 1627, resistance class 3 and 4. Daloc security doors have a clean, Scandinavian design and are carefully detailed. They are suitable for new installations or as replacements for older doors in existing apartments.

  Security doors for apartments




High Security doors

The high security doors are designed for use in premises with high security requirements, for example military installations, power stations, computer centres and the chemical engineering industry. They are designed to protect against intrusion, ballistic attack, electromagnetic interference (EMI), fire and explosion. These security doors are type-approved to EN standards where available; otherwise they accord with Swedish standards.

  High Security doors




Daloc - the Robot

A boy is describing what sounds like an amazing new toy and we see his friends imagination take flight, picturing a super robot saving the world. However, he's puzzled when his friend mentions: "I kind of wish I could have it in my room too, so I wouldn't have to hear my sister."