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Daloc Security door

The main reason for switching to security doors in your apartment is to feel safe. They also give you a better and quieter residential environment.
Replacing your old apartment door with a modern security door is becoming more common and personal safety is usually the main reason, but Daloc Security doors do not just keep the thieves at bay.

The reduced noise level from the stairwell is immediately noticeable from the first day of installing a new security door.

In addition, it also prevents the spread of fire for at least half an hour. A critical time period that could save both lives and property.

Burglar resistance class: EN 1627 resistance class 3, option resistance class 4.
Fire rating: El30, option A60.
Sound class: R'w 35 dB, option 40, 45, 50dB.
Fire gas seal: Option EN 13501-2 class Sa, Sm.

  Daloc Security Door
Daloc Security Door

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Painted security doors

Painted security doors are common in new builds or in instances when something new is wanted in the stairwell, e.g. in combination with a stairwell renovation. In addition to our standard colours, in principle, the entire NCS colour scale is available to order. The Linea collection of 29 patterns is also available if you want to do something extra with simple means.


Security doors with steel panel wood finish

The steel laminate panel is a timeless choice, which gives an extremely durable finish and can tolerate everyday wear for many years. With our security door’s unique bevelled rolled seam edge and our European patented method of bonding the panels in the door leaf with concealed edge profiles, the door leaf looks very much like a wood door.


Exclusive security doors

The exclusive security door D43 is a security door with wood panels. It is suitable for environments where a modern security door is required without disturbing the original style. The slide show shows examples where the owners wanted exact copies of the old doors.