daloc made in toreboda sweden

Daloc - made in Töreboda

The heart of the Group is in Töreboda which is situated beside Göta Kanal between Sweden’s two largest lakes, Vänern and Vättern. Töreboda is the core of Sweden’s door manufacturing industry and serves as Scandinavia’s door centre with a highly skilled and proficient workforce.

This is Daloc.

We have been developing and refining our doors since 1942. Our constant focus has been to push the boundaries of what a secure door can be. The recipe for success is innovative design, intelligent structures and proprietary manufacturing processes. Not to mention skilled, dedicated employees.

Our doors have purpose. So do we.

Over the years, we have always focused on manufacturing doors that perform important functions. Doors that protect people and property from fire, burglary and noise. That increase safety and security in homes, workplaces and public spaces.

Just as our doors have purpose, so do we as a company: helping our customers succeed in their projects. Solid knowledge, great commitment and extensive experience not only mean that we are leaders in the development of rated doors but that we are also an excellent partner for architects, building contractors, sales professionals and housing cooperatives who need first class doors.

Doors that meet high demands.

The demands of society, as well as our own, act as an incentive to us to build high quality, secure products which incorporate appealing design as a natural element of the door. As a market leader, we have to rely on our own ability, and our business is based on our proprietary, innovative design and manufacturing processes. We are always striving to inspire, surprise and exceed expectations – whether they are our own or our customers’. This allows us to constantly take new steps in the development of what doors can look like and how they can function.