Our doors protect you today and in the future.

John W Johansson, who founded Daloc, used to say, "if you're going to do something, you should do it seriously". That approach has always permeated our company and made us Scandinavia's leading door manufacturer.

We believe in the future. Therefore, a decision was recently made to invest a quarter of a billion in the facilities in Töreboda until the year 2025 to increase production capacity and enable the group's continued growth. But in a way so that natural resources are not negatively affected in the long term.

Sustainable doors for a sustainable environment.

Environmental work has always been important to us. It is a matter of course to take nature, the towns and the residents in the places where we operate into account. We want to contribute to a strong and ecologically sustainable society.

Therefore, we are far ahead when it comes to adapting our operations to the environment and ensuring that our production methods have a low environmental impact.

We develop the doors of the future.

Innovation and smart manufacturing methods are a key to our success and something close to our hearts. We choose our own paths and develop our own products and solutions. That's how we've always worked. The result is high-quality doors produced in our own facilities in Sweden, which are among the most modern in Europe.

We always strive to inspire, surprise and exceed ourselves and our customers' expectations. In this way, we manage to constantly take new steps in the development of how doors can look and function.

We produce with perfection.

The door as an idea is simple. But when manufacturing fire-, sound- and burglar-rated doors, the process is complicated. A lot of development work is required before we put a new door into production.

We have always been at the forefront of developing our doors and production methods. That is why we can offer cost-effective doors with a very high level of quality and delivery reliability.

We are here for you – today and tomorrow.

Our ambition is to ensure that you always get the best possible door solutions for your projects. That is why we have around 500 committed employees working in our group.

Most of us work at our facilities around Sweden. We also have employees at our offices in Scandinavia and the rest of Europe.