brandklassad daloc sakerhetsdorr

Solid Dependable Partners

The Daloc Group takes a long-term approach to business. They seek long-term relationships with customers and this can only be achieved by having the right products and offering a sound, flexible and reliable service.

Scandinavian design

Daloc products are the result of large, purposeful investments in design and of thorough development and testing to ensure compliance with all appropriate standards and specifications. Most Daloc products are highly visible, often being the first thing people see of a business or home and thus create that vital first impression. Daloc’s products are attractive – built-in Scandinavian flair!

Strength and resources to meet future challenges

In today’s competitive commercial world, products must be competitive in terms of quality, value, schedule and dependability. Daloc has the strength and resources to meet these challenges. The group is well financed, having a equity ratio of more than 80% and having invested consistently in modern manufacturing capacity. Daloc takes pride in having major international construction companies including Skanska and NCC as customers.