The daloc painting system is groundbreaking in the industry.

Daloc, environment and quality

Daloc has always followed a policy of intensive in-house development, in terms of products and production methods. Consequently there is an enormous capital of knowledge and experience throughout the company.

The Environment

Daloc products and production methods are carefully selected to support a strong and ecologically sustainable society; protection of the environment is seen as an important and continuing process. The painting system, for example, is groundbreaking in the industry. All doors are painted using water-based paints and three of our production units are heated using waste from northern Europe’s most state-of-the-art wooden door factory. Our other units use geothermal heating.

Environmental policy

Daloc's products must meet customers’ requirements in terms of function and environmental aspects. Designs and manufacturing methods are selected to minimise the impact on the environment. Daloc goes beyond the requirements of the law in terms of the impact on the physical and psychological environments; indoors and outdoors. The whole group works for better co-operation throughout industry. Constant improvement is the norm.

The Quality

Thus Daloc has developed attractive, cost-effective products and achieved very high levels of quality and delivery reliability - important factors for all those planning and designing buildings of all types.

Quality policy

Daloc knows it must meet customers' requirements and expectations. This means supplying products of the right quality and having personnel with the right skills and attitudes in all parts of the company. Every delivery must be a recommendation for another order. Constant improvement is the norm.


Daloc's products are tested and certified in accordance with current Swedish regulations and EN standards. Daloc is at the forefront of companies seeking to widen the introduction of EN standards.