daloc red security door

Daloc security apartment door

Daloc’s doors are secure. At the same time they look like, and function as smoothly as, attractive, traditional apartment doors. As a resident one can feel secure – both when one is at home and when one is not.

The majority of break-ins are through the door

Break-ins to apartments are a problem for most people in Europe’s urban areas. The majority of these break-ins are through the front door of the apartment. Neither good locks nor alarms deter the thieves. Usually it is the door leaf and the frame that are the weak spots.


Using a good screwdriver it normally takes just a matter of seconds to get in through a traditional door. And by the time anyone has had the time to react to an alarm the thief has already left the building with the loot.

A secure door protects your home

Replacing your old apartment door with a modern security door is becoming more common and personal safety is usually the main reason, but Daloc Security doors do not just keep the thieves at bay.

The reduced noise level from the stairwell is immediately noticeable from the first day of installing a new security door. In addition, it also prevents the spread of fire for at least half an hour. A critical time period that could save both lives and property.