Doors with purpose.

Doors with purpose.

All of our doors serve an important purpose: To protect against fire, toxic smoke, explosion, ballistic attack and intrusion. This is why Daloc doors are installed in so many apartment buildings and schools, galleries, hospitals and arenas. Basically, in locations where people need to feel safe and secure.

High standard doors

The principle of satisfying people’s different needs is basic to our product development and design processes. It’s a principle to which we always adhere, whether you want a wooden door with a sound insulation rating or a burglar resistance rated outer door for an apartment. Our products are always a perfectly balanced combination of our customers’ requirements for design and functionality.

Daloc security door

Fire, sound and security doors

Daloc produces a large range of fire and sound rated doors made from steel or wood. Daloc's products are tested and certified in accordance with current EN and Swedish standards.

Daloc steel security doors are certified to European Standard EN 1627 class RC3 and RC4 and they are suitable for new installations or as replacements for older doors in existing apartments.

Daloc security door in Kroyers Plads Copenhagen

High Security doors

The high security doors are designed for use in premises with high security requirements, for example military installations, power stations, computer centres and the chemical engineering industry. They are designed to protect against intrusion, ballistic attack, electromagnetic interference (EMI), fire and explosion.

The high security doors are type-approved to EN standards where available; otherwise they accord with Swedish standards.

Daloc high security door

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