Doors with purpose.

We manufactured our first ever door to resist fire. That was in 1942. Since then, every door we have made has had an important purpose. Stopping burglars and noise, explosions and gunfire, raging fires and toxic smoke. Increasing happiness and security in homes and schools and at hotels and venues. Saving lives

Our doors have a clear purpose and so do we. We are here to help you with whatever you need to ensure you get the right door for your project. Because if there is one thing that we have learned over the years, it’s that doors aren’t always as straightforward as they look. That’s why doors have always been our sole focus. You have to be committed and curious to create doors that mean something.


Doors with purpose.

Doors with purpose.

We have built doors since 1942. Doors that perform important functions. Doors that protect people and property from fire, burglary and noise. That increase safety and security in homes, workplaces and public spaces. In short, doors with a clear purpose.  


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Daloc door range »

Daloc door range »

Daloc offers Scandinavia’s most extensive and versatile range of rated steel and wooden doors. The doors are based on smart and innovative designs that make our environment safer, more secure, more pleasant and comfortable.


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The Daloc group »

The Daloc group »

Daloc was established in 1943, to manufacture fire doors and safes. Today, Daloc is Scandinavia’s leading manufacturer with many years of experience of manufacturing doors to meet a wide variety of customer demands.


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Daloc Sverige

Daloc är Skandinaviens ledande tillverkare av klassade dörrar.

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Daloc Norge

Daloc er Skandinavias ledende produsent av klassifiserte dører.

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Daloc Danmark

Daloc er Skandinaviens førende producent af klassificerede døre.


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Daloc Nederland

Met een Daloc deur voelt iedereen in huis zich veilig en comfortabel.


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Daloc Deutschland

Daloc ist Skandinaviens führender Hersteller von Sicherheitstüren.


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