About Daloc - Scandinavia's leading manufacturer of secure doors.

About Daloc - Scandinavia's leading manufacturer of secure doors.

Already when we developed our first door in 1942, it had a clear purpose: to save lives. That sense of purpose has been central to us over the years. The recipe for success is innovative and intelligent designs and proprietary production technology. And not least competent and committed employees.

Our doors have a purpose. As do we.

Since 1942, every door we have produced has had an important purpose. To stop thieves and noise, explosions and gunshots, fires and deadly fire gases. To increase comfort and security in homes and schools, in hotels and arenas. To save lives.

In the same way that our doors have a purpose, so does our company: to help our customers succeed in their projects.

Solid knowledge, great commitment and long experience mean that we not only lead the development of classified doors. But also that we are a good partner for anyone who needs first-class doors.

Doors with purpose.

Many careers start by opening the right door. After that, the door is mostly forgotten. But at Daloc, we would never forget the importance of doors. Never underestimate the impact they have on people – and careers. We love making Doors with purpose.


It all started with fire doors and safes.

When we started our business in the early forties, we also manufactured safes. But it was when we started thinking about doors that it really took off. Today, we are Scandinavia's leading manufacturer of classified doors in steel and wood. Here you can read more about our trip.

The future looks bright.

There has always been a great need for good doors and we are sure that the need will not decrease. This allows us to think long-term and plan for the future.

Our sustainability work.

The proximity to nature has meant that it has always been a matter of course for us to contribute to a strong and ecologically sustainable society. That's why we manufacture our doors as climate-smart and energy-efficient as possible. And for them to last and be useful for a very long time.

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