Sustainability at Daloc.

Sustainability at Daloc.

"If you're going to do something, you have to do it seriously." That's how Daloc's founder, John W Johansson, expressed his business philosophy. To this day, we work according to the same principle. Quality and continuity pay off. Not just for our customers. But also for our common environment.

Daloc and the Global Goals.

The UN has produced 17 Global Goals for sustainable development (Sustainable Development Goals SDG). During 2020 and 2021, Daloc has chosen to work with three of them because they affect our business concretely.

These three global goals are goal 8 Decent work and economic growth, goal 9 Sustainable industry, innovations and infrastructure and goal 12 Ensure sustainable consumption and production patterns.

Daloc and the Global Goals

Our sustainability goals until 2025.

Reduce CO2 emissions from our manufacturing and premises by at least 50% compared to 2019.

Reduce CO2 emissions from our transport per driven mile by at least 50% compared to 2019.

Continue to manufacture and sell doors with long durability that contribute to a circular construction and real estate sector.

Continue to work for a safe working environment with zero vision for work injuries that lead to sick visits. Follow up that suppliers follow the code of conduct they signed.

Examples of implemented sustainable measures:

  • Solar cells on the roof of the steel and wooden door factory in Töreboda contribute to electricity.
  • All other electricity we buy is 100% renewable.
  • Self-sufficient in heating in the wooden door factories in Kärsta and Töreboda.
  • Self-produced district heating heats the steel door factory and
    head office in Töreboda.
  • All doors in Töreboda are painted with water-based paint.
  • Over half of our door-to-door transports in Sweden take place by refueling the HVO100.
  • Our steel doors can be reused and then recycled to 97%.
  • Our wooden doors can be reused and then energy recovered.
  • Our doors are approved to be included in Swan-labelled houses.
  • Steel doors for reuse.
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Our unique painting systems give you the opportunity to choose both steel and wooden doors that are painted with waterborne and therefore environmentally friendly paint.
Solar cells on the roof of the steel and wooden door factory in Töreboda contribute to electricity. All other electricity we buy is 100% renewable.
Waste from our wooden door production is used to create heat. Both of our wooden door factories are self-sufficient in heating. The excess heat goes to the head office and the steel door factory in an internal district heating system.
All our warehouse trucks are electric and are charged with 100% renewable electricity. Over half of our door-to-door transport in Sweden is done with cars fueled with HVO100.

Long-term sustainability work.

Continuity has always been our watchword and a success factor. We enjoy this long-term perspective when we are involved in developing the construction sector so that it becomes more sustainable and more circular. We want to contribute to the well-being of people, the environment and our society for a very long time to come.

Sustainability policy.

Daloc’s business is operated in such a way as to prevent negative impacts on natural resources over the long term. We are working continuously to optimise our energy performance and minimise our waste. We are committed to protecting the health and well-being of our employees, subsuppliers, customers and anyone else affected by our business. We select local and regional operators in the supply chain in terms of both products and services whenever the possibility exists. We make requirements regarding our suppliers’ conduct through our mandatory Code of Conduct (CoC). Our financial resources are managed from a long-term perspective in the best interests of the company. Continuous improvement is our modus operandi.

Solar panels on Daloc's roof

All our employees are equally important.

Our doors have a purpose and so does our company. To care about our customers, about the community where we operate and everyone who uses our doors on a daily basis. And to take care of our employees. To ensure that they feel well and get the right conditions to be able to develop in the long term. Without them there would be no doors.

In our company, everyone must be treated equally regardless of gender, disability, sexual orientation, ethnic affiliation, religion or other beliefs. Everyone must have equal rights regarding work, employment and other working conditions as well as development opportunities at work. We must all ensure that the requirements according to the Work Environment Act and related ordinances and regulations are met as a minimum requirement. And we work together for increased participation in the work process.

We contribute to the society we live in.

Daloc has always had a close collaboration with schools and universities as well as with municipalities and other social functions in the regions where we operate.

We want to contribute to a strong and vibrant local community by offering opportunities for jobs, internships and degree projects, by sponsoring associations with organised youth activities and organising study visits, as well as being an active part in the design of technical education.

From 2021, associations sponsored by Daloc must work to ensure that their youth activities are conducted in accordance with the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child.

Photo: Helenaskolan's "Team Daloc" in the First Lego League.

Quality since 1942.

Since the start in 1942, we have devoted ourselves to development. Both in terms of our products, our employees and our production. This has given us cost-effective solutions with a very high level of quality and delivery reliability. This is the basis of our quality policy.

Quality policy

Daloc knows it must meet customers' requirements and expectations. This means supplying products of the right quality and having personnel with the right skills and attitudes in all parts of the company. Every delivery must be a recommendation for another order. Constant improvement is the norm.

Circularity at Daloc.

Our doors are manufactured in an environmentally sustainable way to benefit in various ways, for example to stop fires, noise and burglars. They are also made to last. It is not uncommon for our steel doors to survive the building they are in and then they can be reused. Or recycled to 97 percent.

Circularity Daloc Doors
Daloc doors are constructed from durable materials in order to withstand many years of use. However, the activities in the premises where the doors are installed may change and the premises may need to be converted or remodelled. If so, all Daloc door models can easily be salvaged and reused.

Daloc Sustainability Report

The Sustainability Report contains information on the main factors for understanding the company’s development, status and performance, and the impacts of its activities. This includes information concerning the environment, social factors, employees, respect for human rights and anti-corruption measures.