Daloc history

Daloc is proud of its history - for it is the long and careful development that gives the company most of its advantages. These advantages distinguish Daloc from many of its competitors.

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The brothers Einar and John Johansson.
John and Ruth with their daughter Inga-Lisa outside the factory in Hasslerör.
The production of the fire doors was manual at that time. The sheet metal was cut and bent in various machines. At the welding workplace, the door leaf was welded and insulated. The fold was shaped by hand with a mallet.

Established 1943

Daloc was established by John. W. Johansson in 1943, to manufacture fire doors and safes.

Now it designs, produces and markets a truly comprehensive range of high specification doors. The company is still owned and managed by members of the Johansson family.

This continuity has fostered excellent communications; also the group has been structured to provide short decision paths. These features enable a very responsive management approach.

The guiding policy has been to develop excellent products and to invest in continuous, steady growth ensuring that knowledge, skills and experience are retained in the company. 

Top class performance in the past does not impede progress today. As the EU market grows the need for Europe-wide standards increases. Daloc is at the forefront of companies developing and implementing EN standards.